Boland Collection of photographs and postcards of Clonakilty

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Boland Collection of photographs and postcards of Clonakilty


Clonakilty (Cork County) History, 20th century


This collection consists of numerous postcards of Clonakilty in West Cork. The collection comprises various images of streetscapes from the early to mid twentieth century. It provides a fascinating visual history and offers an interesting insight into the day to day life of residents of the town through the decades.


Estimated time period: 1900-1950


Cork County Library


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Clonakilty Collection

Items in the Boland Collection of photographs and postcards of Clonakilty Collection

Postcard of George Street Clonakilty
Group outside Fish Market (Connolly Street), George's Street Fair Day, 1907

Postcard of Main Street Clonakilty
This postcard of Main Street (now Rossa Street) illustrates the busy commercial life of the town at the turn of the twentieth century. As can be seen, the use of horse-drawn carts to move produce and goods was very popular at the time.

Postcard of Pearse Street Clonakilty
This postcard of Pearse Street provides an interesting snapshot of life in Clonakilty town during the mid-twentieth century. The image reveals interesting details about fashion styles, the types of cars in use at the time and what advertising was…

Postcard of Main Street Clonakilty
This image of Main Street from the early decades of the twentieth-century provides an interesting insight into the social history of Clonakilty. The distinctive dress styles of the time and use of horse-drawn carts are noteworthy. Main Street was…

Astna Square Clonakilty
This postcard depicts Astna Square.. The statue in the middle of the square was erected in 1898 to commemorate the Battle of the Big Cross, which took place during the 1798 Rebellion. The statue is of local leader, Tadhg an Astna.

Lord Carbery visits Clonakilty July 1914
Back row (Left to right)
J. Barry, D. O'Leary, R. Helen, -,-,-,W.H. Spiller, P. O'Donovan, -, D. Fitzpatrick, F. McKenna, -, T. Hill, M. O'Donovan, M. Cash.

Front row (left to right) -, R. Kingston, H. Hoskins, Monsignor O'Leary, Lord Carbery, J.…

The Convent of Mercy in  Clonakilty
This is a framed photograph of the Convent of Mercy, taken in the year 1912.

Shopfront W.T. Evans
W.T. Evans standing at his shop door in 1897. This shop was located on Barrack Street in Clonakilty.

Photograph of Astna Square/Ashe Street
This is a photograph of Astna Square/Ashe Street in 1961

Aerial photograph of Clonakilty
This aerial photograph of Clonakilty town is from 1964.